Upcoming Legislative Hearings: Week of May 15

Monday, May 15

House Committee on Appropriations
Committee Room 5, 9:00 a.m.

HB272 WILLARD Provides relative to maternity support services of doulas (Support, Amandla Group)

House Committee on Ways and Means
Committee Room 6, 10:00 a.m.

HB 452 BOURRIAQUE Establishes a tax credit for the development of certain affordable housing projects (Support, Housing Louisiana)

Senate Finance:
Room A-B, 10AM

SB 111  Support (JAC) SEN. DUPLESSIS Provides relative to the expungement of criminal records

SB 162 Watch SEN. MCMATH creates the Secure Online Child Interaction and Age Limitation Act.

SB 177 Watch SEN. MCMATH Provides for accelerated instruction for certain students

SB 207 Watch SEN. MILLIGAN Creates Safety Act of 2023

SB 217 Watch SEN. HENRY Creates a statewide database for individuals convicted of child abuse/neglect

Senate Revenue & Fiscal Affairs:

John J, Hainkel, Jr Room 11 AM 

SB 172 Oppose (CPEX) REP. DEVILLIER Reduces the severance tax rate for oil over a certain period of time and fixes the severance tax rate for oil 

Tuesday, May 16

House Committee on Administration of Criminal Justice:
Committee Room 6, 9:00am

HB 131 Oppose MCCORMICK Provides relative to the concealed carrying of firearm

HB 234 Watch FONTENOT Provides relative to the concealed carrying of firearms 

HB 299 Oppose MCCORMICK Provides relative to enforcement of federal firearm laws

HB 461 Watch DUBUISSON Provides relative to exceptions to abortion HB 464 Oppose FONTENOT Provides relative to possession of a firearm by a felon

Senate Judiciary A
John J, Hainkel, Jr Room 10 AM

HB 5 Watch REP. FRIEMAN Provides relative to pregnancy-related medical expense obligations

House & Governmental Affairs
Committee Room 3 9 AM

SB 201 Watch (LFD) SEN. HEWITT – Provides for meetings of boards and commissions via electronic means.

Wednesday, May 17

Senate Governmental Affairs
Room F 9:00 AM

HB 496 Watch (LDF) REP. STEFANSKI Makes revisions to the Louisiana Election Code

HB 526 Support REP. ZERINGUE Establishes a chief resilience officer and provides for interagency coordination of resilience planning

House & Governmental Affairs 
Committee Room 3, 9:00 AM

HB519 Support (VOTE) REP. CARPENTER – Provides relative to absentee voting by qualified incarcerated voters 

HB538 Support (PCEJ) REP. JENKINS – VOTING – Provides relative to early voting locations.

HB 553 Support (PCEJ) REP. GLOVER – ELECTIONS – Provides for appointment of a voter with disabilities to the State Board of Election Supervisors