The Pathway to Justice

The Power Coalition pursues a strategy of integrated voter engagement to encourage and empower our fellow Louisianans to participate in their democracy. Integrated voter engagement is not a transactional strategy that is focused on a single election or political issue, but instead is a constant effort to more fully engage Louisianans in all aspects of civic life.
The four different pathways outlined below are just starting points that reflect the varied ways in which the Power Coalition helps to increase civic engagement throughout Louisiana. These pathways all relate to and inform each other to create a powerful base for engagement. Please explore all of the different pathways to find out the many ways that Louisianans can become more involved participants in our democracy.


Take a look at our key resources that include statewide analyses, legislative toolkit and other useful information: the Policy Guide and The People’s Agenda.
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Bring the power of your voice and vote to your community. Make use of our Organizer’s Toolkit.
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You can enter your zip code to learn more about the officials in your area, contact them about issues in your community, state and region, and learn more about voting in your area.
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Our team works with partners across the State. Partner with us in our statewide effort and learn about how some of our other partners are making change.
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