2023 Bill Tracker

Bill FocusBill #Bill SponsorSummaryCurrent Status
FiscalHB1 Rep. Jerome ZeringueProvides for the ordinary operating expenses of state government for Fiscal Year 2023-2024Sent to Governor
PreK-12HB8Rep. Dodie HortonRequires display of the "In God We Trust" in each classroom in each public school Signed by the Governor - Act 264
PreK-12HB9Rep. Rhonda ButlerCreates and provides for the administration of a program for the purpose of providing state funding for qualified education expenses for students with exceptionalities in grades kindergarten through 12 who are not enrolled in public schoolSenate Finance
EnvironmentHB10Rep. Robby CarterRemoves the authority of carbon dioxide storage facility operators to use eminent domain to acquire property or rights without the property owner's consentInvoluntarily Defered
PreK-12HB 12Rep. Richard NelsonProhibits promotion to the fourth grade of certain students whose reading deficiencies have not been remedied by the end of the third gradeSent to Governor
Criminal JusticeHB 14Rep. Gabe FirmentAdds more chemical substances to the controlled dangerous substance lawHouse Final Passage
HealthHB 15Rep. Paul HollisProvides for annual audits of every homeowners association comprised of 25 or more lot ownersPending House Civil Law and Procedure
Criminal JusticeHB16Rep. Laurie SchlegelProvides additional penalties for the crime of simple burglary under certain circumstancesSent to Governor
Workers RightsHB21Rep. Joe StangiProvides relative to extended pregnancy and infant care for certain school employeesSent to the Governor
Criminal JusticeHB 24Rep. Candace NewellDecriminalizes marijuana posession and distributionInvoluntarily Defered
Elections and VotingHB26Rep. Denise MarcellProvides relative to the voting requirements of the Board of PardonsConsidered 4/20 House ACJ
Criminal JusticeHB31Rep. Troy RomeroAdds certain crimes against juveniles that require sex offender registrationSubstitute Adopted on the Floor
EnvironmentHB 35Rep. Robby CarterProhibits carbon dioxide sequestration projects in St. Helena ParishScheduled 5/10 House Natural Resources
FirearmsHB38Rep. Joe StangiProvides reletive to the carrying of concealed firearms by qualified retired law enforcement officersSubstitute adopted on the House floor (became HB660)
DiscriminationHB40Rep. Delisha BoydProhibits intentional employment discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation.Considered 5/3
Workers RightsHB51Rep. Jonathan GoudeauProvides relative to the attendance at employment interviewsPending House Labor and Industrial Relations
Criminal JusticeHB54Rep. Luarie SchlegelProvides relative to the discretion of the district attorney to prosecute a juvenile as an adult for certain offensesSent to Governor
Criminal JusticeHB55Rep. Larry SeldersProvides relative to the mental health treatment of incarcerated peopleSigned by the Governor - Act 214
FiscalHB 62Rep. Tony BaclaReduces the rate of the state sales and use taxSenate Revenue and Fiscal Affairs
Criminal JusticeHB65Rep. Debbie VillioDesignates the crime of "simple burglary of an inhabited dwelling" as a crime of violenceSent to Governor
Criminal JusticeHB66Rep. Debbie VillioProvides for the forfeiture of good time and credits earned toward the reduction of sentence in certain circumstancesConsidered 4/26/23 House administration of criminal justice
PreK-12HB68Rep. Valarie HodgesAuthorizes public high schools to offer a course of instruction in the history and literature of the BibleSigned by the Governor - Act 215
Criminal JusticeHB 70Rep. Debbie VillioProvides relative to diminution of sentence and parole eligibility for fourth or subsequent nonviolent felony offensesSent to Governor
FiscalHB 71Rep. Stuart J. BishopReduces the rate of the state sales and use taxPending House Ways and Means
Workers RightsHB 74Rep. Polly ThomasProvides with respect to criminal background checks and solicitation for home inspectorsSigned by the Governor - Act 338
Criminal JusticeHB 75Rep. Debbie VillioProvides relative to penalties for distribution or possession with intent to distribute fentanyl or carfentanilConsidered 5/23 Senate Judiciary C
Criminal JusticeHB 77 Rep. Laurie SchlegelProvides for attorney general investigation for publishers and distributors of material harmful to minorsSigned by the Governor - Act 216
DiscriminationHB 81Rep. Raymond CrewsProvides relative to the use of certain names and pronouns for studentsSent to Governor
Criminal JusticeHB 84Rep. Laurie SchlegelProvides relative to disposition of juveniles after adjudication of certain felony-grade delinquent actsSent to Governor
Criminal JusticeHB 85Rep. Mike JohnsonCreates the crime of approaching a law enforcement officer lawfully engaged in law enforcement dutiesSent to Governor
Criminal JusticeHB89Rep. Denise MarcellProvides relative to the collection of certain traffic stop data by law enforcementSigned by the Governor - Act 217
Criminal JusticeHB 90Rep. John StefanskiProvides relative to penalties for distribution or possession with intent to distribute fentanyl or carfentanilSigned by the Governor - Act 399
Criminal JusticeHB 94 Rep. Tony BaclaProvides reletive to theft of automated teller machinesSigned by the Governor - Act 218
PreK-12HB 98Rep. LanceHarris Creates and provides for a program to provide state funding for the education of students not enrolled in public school and expands the ability of parents to enroll children in the public school of their choiceSenate Education
FiscalHB99Rep. Joe Orgeron(Constitutional Amendment) Provides relative to the disposition of funds derived from alternative energy production in the coastal area be deposited in the Coastal Protection and Restoration FundsSenate Finance
DiscriminationHB 102Rep. Julie EmersonProvides relative to access to certain materials in public librariesPending House Municipal, Parochial, and Cultural Affairs
Criminal JusticeHB 109Rep. Wilford Carter Sr. Provides relative to factors in fixing the amount of bail and modifications of bailConsidered 5/30 Senate Judiciary C
EnvironmentHB 110Rep. Gabe FirmentProvides relative to fortified roof endorsementsSigned by the Governor - Act 12
FiscalHB 116Rep. Joe OrgeronRelated to Breeze Act (To distribute revenues from oil, gas, and wind leasing on the Outer Continental Shelf, and for other purposes.) Other partners to involve: Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana, Audubon, NWF.Senate Finance
HealthHB 117Rep. Aimee Adatto FreemanRequires public schools to provide free menstrual products in easily accessible locationsSenate Finance
EnvironmentHB 125Rep. Michael EcholsProvides relative to agriculture land protection against foreign adversariesSent to Governor
FirearmsHB 131Rep. Danny McCormickProvides relative to the concealed carrying of firearmsSenate Revenue and Fiscal Affairs
HealthHB 135Rep. Mike JohnsonProhibits a registered sex offender or child predator from serving as a commissioner or watcherSent to Governor
Higher EducationHB 136Rep. Larry BagleyProvides for the abolition of the office of police chief and the police department for the village of NobleSent to Governor
FiscalHB 145Rep. Mark WrightProvides for a flat rate for purposes of calculating the income tax for individuals, estates, and trustsPending House Ways and Means
FiscalHB 146Rep. Mark WrightProvides for a flat rate for purposes of calculating the corporate income taxPending House Ways and Means
Criminal JusticeHB 147.Rep. Mark WrightProvides relative to the time period for disciplinary offenses prior to an offender being considered for paroleSenate Judiciary B
Elections and VotingHB 149Rep. Joseph Marino Provides for the compensation of members of the legislatureHouse floor action
Criminal JusticeHB 151Rep. Mark WrightProvides relative to denial of paroleSenate Judiciary B
Parental RightsHB 152Rep. Beryl Amedee(Constitutional Amendment) Provides relative to fundamental parental rightsHouse Final Passage
Government AffairsHB 155Rep. Rhonda ButlerEstablishes the Louisiana Rural Infrastructure Revolving Loan Program to provide financial assistance to local governments and political subdivisions for certain capital infrastructure projectsSent to Governor
Vaccination StatusHB 158Rep. Kathy EdmondstonProvides for a limitation of liability relative to the administration of pandemic disease vaccinationsPending House Civil Law and Procedure
Elections and VotingHB 159Rep. Les FarnumProvides for a supplemental annual canvass of registered votersSubstitute adopted on the House floor (became HB646)
Criminal JusticeHB 160Rep. Stephanie Hilferty Guarantees access to juvenile court proceedings by victims' families, and allows them to disclose details that are otherwise sealedSent to Governor
FiscalHB 162Rep. Matthew WillardIncreases the amount of the earned income tax creditConsidered 4/18 Ways and Means
Higher EducationHB 164Rep. Kenny CoxLowers the minimum ACT score required for initial qualification for a TOPS-Tech Award from 17 to 15House Appropriations
Elections and VotingHB 165Rep. Mandie Landry(Constitutional Amendment) Provides for an initiative and referendum processPending House and Governmental Affairs
FiscalHB 172Rep. Phillip DevillierReduces the severance tax rate for oil over a certain period of time and fixes the severance tax rate for oil produced from certain wells at the current rateConsidered 5/22 Senate Revenue and Fiscal Affairs
Elections and VotingHB 174Rep. Julie EmersonProhibits the disclosure of certain information regarding the active duty or dependent status of certain votersSent to Governor
FirearmsHB 175Rep. Delisha BoydProhibits carrying firearms into hospitals and mental health facilitiesInvoluntarily Defered
HealthHB 180Rep. Matthew WillardProvides relative to housing opportunitiesScheduled House Commerce 5/8
Vaccination StatusHB 182Rep. Kathy EdmondstonProvides that no person shall be required to receive a COVID-19 vaccine as a condition of enrollment or attendance at any public or nonpublic schoolSent to Governor
Criminal JusticeHB 187Rep. Aimee Adatto FreemanProvides relative to release and dissemination of booking photographs of an arrested person for the purpose of victim notificationConsidered 4/20/23
Criminal JusticeHB 188Rep. Larry FriemanProvides relative to denial of parole for dangerous offendersSent to Governor
FiscalHB 197Rep. Phillip DeVillierPhases-out the corporation franchise tax over five yearsPending House Ways and Means
FiscalHB 203Rep. Phillip DeVillierRepeals constitutional sales tax exemption on groceries, prescription drugs and home utilitiesConsidered 4/24/23
Higher EducationHB 205Rep. Marcus BryantRequires additional compensation for teachers and other school employees under certain circumstancesSent to Governor
Criminal JusticeHB 208Rep. Alan SeabaughLowers the age for consideration as a juvenile in the criminal justice systemReconsideration - Senate final passage
DiscriminationHB 211Rep. Edmond Jordan(Constitutional Amendment) Prohibits slavery and involuntary servitudeReconsideration - Senate final passage
Elections and VotingHB 212Rep. Paul HollisProvides for the signatures required on a recall petitionSenate and Governmental Affairs
PreK-12HB 213Rep. Ken BrassExempts certain school surveillance and security video from the Public Records LawSigned by the Governor- Act 301
Elections and VotingHB 216Rep. Dodie HortonAuthorizes certain military members stationed in Louisiana to serve as commissionersSigned by the Governor
Government AffairsHB 217Rep. Vanessa Caston LaFleurAuthorizes the creation of commissioner positions at the 19th JDCSigned by the Governor
Criminal JusticeHB 228Rep. Kyle Green Eliminates the death penaltyHouse Administration of Criminal Justice sched. for 4/26/23
FirearmsHB 234Rep. Bryan FontenotProvides relative to the concealed carrying of firearmsPending House Administration of Criminal Justice
PreK-12HB 242Rep. Stephanie Hilferty Provides relative to corporal punishment in elementary and secondary schoolsSigned by the Governor- Act 268
Elections and VotingHB 260Rep. Beau BeaullieuProvides relative to federal election guidance and fundingSent to Governor
Maternal HealthHB 266 Rep. Mandie LandryProvides relative to the civil liability and criminal prosecution of certain pregnancy outcomesInvoluntarily Defered
Criminal JusticeHB 265Rep. Bryan FontenotProvides relative to release and dissemination of booking photographs of an arrested personSigned by the Governor - Act 303
FiscalHB 266 Rep. Mandie LandryProvides relative to the civil liability and criminal prosecution of certain pregnancy outcomesInvoluntarily Defered
Criminal JusticeHB 271Rep. NelsonProvides relative to sequestration of jurorsSigned by the Governor - Act 75
HealthHB 272Rep. Matt WillardProvides relative to maternity support services of doulasSigned by the Governor - Act 270
PreK-12HB 282Rep. Kyle Green Requires free school breakfast and lunch for certain studentsSigned by the Governor - Act 305
Workers RightsHB 283Rep. Vanessa Caston LaFleurProvides relative to employment practices related to wage history, wage disclosure, and retaliationPending House Labor and Industrial Relations
Criminal JusticeHB 286Rep. Delisha BoydProvides relative to expungements for certain amounts of possession of marijuanaSigned by the Governor - Act 342
FiscalHB 287Rep. Mack CormierProvides relative to insurance adjusters and property inspectionsConsidered 4/20 House Insurance
HealthHB 291Rep. Charles OwenProvides for visitation policies at certain healthcare facilities and requires that such policies allow for in-person visitationSigned by the Governor - Act 367
FiscalHB 294 Rep. Matthew WillardProvides for certain insurance premium discountsSigned by the Governor - Act 1
FirearmsHB 299Rep. Danny McCormickProvides relative to enforcement of federal firearm lawsInvoluntarily Defered
Elections and VotingHB 304Rep. Joseph OrgeronProhibits an elected official who has retired or resigned from office from filling the vacancy his retirement or resignation createdSigned by the Governor - Act 119
FiscalHB 309Rep. GarofaloProvides relative to fortified home and commercial standardsSent to the Governor
Elections and VotingHB 316Rep. Tammy PhelpsProvides for Louisiana High School Seniors Voter Registration DaySigned by the Governor - Act 79
Criminal JusticeHB 317Rep. Neil RiserCreates the crime of criminal access of an automated teller machineConsidered 4/20 ACJ
FirearmsHB 318Rep. Larry SeldersProvides relative to automatic weaponsPending House Administration of Criminal Justice
Criminal JusticeHB 321Rep. Debbie VillioCreates the Truth and Transparency in the Louisiana Criminal Justice System Pilot ProgramSenate Finance
Criminal JusticeHB322Rep. Matt WillardSpecifies that certain motor vehicle violations are secondary offenses that cannot be grounds for initiating a stopFailed House final passage
FirearmsHB 331Rep. R. Dewith CarrierProvides relative to automatic weapons Signed by the Governor - Act 120
PreK-12HB 338Rep. Barbara Reich FreibergProvides relative to the Early Childhood Care and Education CommissionSigned by the Governor - Act 83
Workers RightsHB 340Rep. Troy D. RomeroProvides relative to the duration of unemployment compensation benefits and provides for extended benefitsSenate Labor and Industrial Relations
Elections and VotingHB 343Rep. Barbra CarpenterProvides relative to the districts for the election of members of the House of RepresentativesPending House and Governmental Affairs
HealthHB 346Rep. Delisha BoydProvides for exceptions to the abortion laws of this state relative to rape and incestConsidered 5/10 CJA
MarijuanaHB351Rep. Mandie LandryProvides relative to a recommendation of medical marijuana in employmentHouse Final Passage
FiscalHB 363Rep. Richard NelsonPhases out Corporate Franchise Tax Considered 4/17/23
FiscalHB 364Rep. Stuart BishopPhases out Corporate Franchise TaxPending House Ways and Means
Government AffairsHB 366 Rep. Samuel Jenkins(Constitutional Amendment) Provides for the establishment of uniform leave policies by lawPending House & Governmental Affairs
Criminal JusticeHB 370Rep. Mandie LandryCreate the crime of criminal access of an automated teller machineSigned by the Governor - Act 85
FiscalHB 374Rep. Ed LarvadainEstablishes a state minimum wage ratePending House Labor and Industrial Relations
Criminal JusticeHB 378Rep. DevillierProvides relative to imporper supervision of a minorSigned by the Governor - Act 86
Elections and VotingHB380 Rep. Randal GainesProvides for the redistricting of the Supreme CourtPending House and Governmental Affairs
FiscalHB 393Rep. Foy GadberryProvides relative to certain building code roofing inspections of a commercial or residential structureSigned by the Governor - Act 25
Elections and VotingHB396Rep. Samuel JenkinsProvides for the reinstatement of the voter registration of a person who is no longer under an order of imprisonmentConsidered Senate Government and Affairs
Vaccination StatusHB 399Rep. Kathy EdmondstonRequires that communication issued about immunization requirements include exemption information and applies exemptions not only to students seeking to enter school but also to students attending schoolSent to the Governor
Criminal JusticeHB413Rep. Barry IveyProvides relative to parole eligibility for certain offenders4/20 Considered ACJ
Criminal JusticeHB 422Rep. Denise MarcellLimits the fees assessed by the office of debt recovery on delinquent debt that originates from certain criminal fines, fees, and costs4/18 Considered Ways and Means
Criminal JusticeHB 426Rep. Marcus BryantProvides relative to the work opportunity tax credit for businesses that hire certain formerly incarcerated persons4/18 Considered Ways and Means
FiscalHB 436Rep. Travis JohnsonProvides a state sales tax exemption for certain farmers for acquisition of renewable energy systems and items and services for energy efficiency improvementsConsidered 4/24/23
Criminal JusticeHB 440Rep. Marcus BryantProvides relative to assault upon a utility service employeeScheduled House Administration of Criminal Justice 4/20 Rm 6
Criminal JusticeHB 441Rep. Marcus BryantProvides relative to assult upon a utility service employeeSigned by the Governor - Act 65
Elections and VotingHB 445 Rep. Lance HarrisProvides for the reopening of qualifying after the death of a candidate in a primary election under specified circumstancesPending House and Governmental Affairs
FiscalHB 447Rep. Vincent PierreRequires agency referrals of delinquent debt to the office of debt recovery for collection to include certain informationSigned by the Governor - Act 87
Elections and VotingHB449Rep. Matthew WillardProvides relative to the rights of voters with disabilitiesSigned by the Governor - Act 277
HealthHB 452Rep. Ryan BourriaqueEstablishes a state tax credit for the development of certain housing projects that qualify for federal affordable housing tax credits.Senate Revenue and Fiscal Affairs
HealthHB 461Rep. Mary DuBoissonProvides relative to exceptions to abortionInvoluntarily Defered
DiscriminationHB 463Rep. Gabe FirmentProhibits certain procedures to alter the sex of a minor childSubstitute Adopted on the House Floor
FirearmsHB 464Rep. Bryan FontenotProvides relative to possession of a firearm by a felonConference Committee (House)
DiscriminationHB 466Rep. Dodie HortonProvides relative to discussion of sexual orientation and gender identity in public schoolsSent to the Governor
Criminal JusticeHB 475Rep. Tanner MageeProvides relative to admissibility of evidence of a defendant's creative or artistic expressionSigned by the Governor - Act 354
Criminal JusticeHB 479 Rep. Joseph Marino Provides relative to expungement of recordsSigned by the Governor - Act 90
Elections and VotingHB 490Rep. Rodney LyonsProvides for procedures and guidance regarding voter registration activitiesConsidered 5/31 Senate and Governmental Affairs
FiscalHB 491Rep. Denise MarcellEliminates tax cut “trigger”Pending House Ways and Means
Elections and VotingHB494Rep. Pat MooreAuthorizes persons and organizations engaging in lawful nonpartisan activities to remain within six hundred feet of the entrance of a polling locationPending House and Governmental Affairs
Elections and VotingHB 496Rep. John StefanskiMakes revisions to the Louisiana Election CodeSigned by the Governor - Act 91
Criminal JusticeHB 498Rep. John StefanskiProvides relative to a mandatory minimum bail amount for certain offenses House Final Passage
Elections and VotingHB 509Rep. Jerome ZeringueProvides for the redistricting of districts for the election of justices to the supreme courtPending House and Governmental Affairs
Criminal JusticeHB519Rep. Barbara CarpenterProvides relative to absentee voting by qualified incarcerated votersFailed House Final Passage
HealthHB 522Rep. Aimee Adatto FreemanProvides relative to abortionPending House Administration of Criminal Justice
EnvironmentHB 526Rep. Jerome ZeringueEstablishes and provides for the Louisiana Office of ResilienceSigned by the Governor - Act 315
Elections and VotingHB 534Rep. Barbara CarpenterProvides relative to the districts for the election of members of the House of RepresentativesPending House and Governmental Affairs
Elections and VotingHB538Rep. Samuel JenkinsProvides relative to early voting locationsPending House and Governmental Affairs
Criminal JusticeHB543Rep. Edmond JordanProvides relative to vehicle pursuits by peace officersVoluntarily deferred 5/2
Criminal JusticeHB 545Rep. Edmond JordanProhibits the charging of a person who has been committed to the custody of the Dept. of Public Safety and Corrections (DPS&C) for using a telecommunication service or the person accepting the communication from the incarcerated person.Involuntarily Defered
Criminal JusticeHB 549Rep. Cedric GloverProvides relative to termination of pregnancy that is the result of certain sex offensesPending House Administration of Criminal Justice
HealthHB 552Rep. Stephanie Hilferty Suspends the premium increase of at least 10% assessed by the La. Citizens Property Insurance Corp. for policies issued in this state.House Floor Action
Elections and VotingHB 553Rep. Cedric GloverProvides for appointment of a voter with disabilities to the State Board of Election SupervisorsHouse concurrence -
Government AffairsHB555Rep. Tammy PhelpsEstablishes an amnesty program for fines, fees, and assessments imposed by the office of motor vehicles Considered 4/24/23
Criminal JusticeHB557Rep. Rodney LyonsProvides relative to vehicle searches Pending House Administration of Criminal Justice
EnvironmentHB 571Rep. Clay SchexnayderProvides relative to carbon capture and sequestrationSigned by the Governor - Act 378
FiscalHB 584Rep. GarofaloSuspends the premium surcharge of at least ten percent assessed by the Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corporation for policies issued in parishes affected by the 2020 and 2021 hurricanesPending House Insurance
Criminal JusticeHB 586Rep. StefanskiProvides for civil liability for actions related to fentanylSigned by the Governor - Act 412
Criminal JusticeHB 588Rep. Randal GainesProvides relative to convictions rendered by a verdict from a non-unanimous juryFailed House Floor Action
FiscalHB 591Rep. Adrian FisherProvides relative to fee exemptions for certain solar power generations facilitiesSenate Natural Resources
HealthHB 596Rep. Aimee Adatto FreemanCreates the Louisiana Family and Medical Leave Benefits ActInvoluntarily Defered
HealthHB 598Rep. Candace NewellAmends definitions relative to the crime of abortionInvoluntarily Defered
FiscalHB 604Rep. Ray GarofaloProvides for the appraisal processConisdered 5/10
FiscalHB 610Rep. Samuel JenkinsIncreases the tax-exempt amount of annual retirement incomeSenate final passage
MarijuanaHB 612Rep. Candace NewellLevies taxes on sales of cannabis and dedicates revenues derived from those taxesConsidered 5/1
FiscalHB 632Rep. Alonzo KnoxEstablishes the Next Generation Tax Credit for taxpayers claiming a dependent five years of age or youngerVoluntarily Deferred 5/1
DiscriminationHB 648Rep. FirmentProhibits certain procedures to alter the sex of a minor childSent to the Governor