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February 19, 2020
March 1, 2020
  • Census 2020 Questionaire Available

    March 1, 2020

    All U.S. residents are invited to respond to the 2020 Census questionnaire.

    Each household will receive a notification in the mail with the census website and unique User ID. Households can respond to the census online or by telephone without unique ID. Census staff might call to confirm your address if it doesn’t match the address on file.

    All residents will have three options to respond: internet, telephone, and paper.

    Individual housing units will be invited by either mail or by hand delivery (to rural, PO Box, and non-USPS housing units).

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The Power Coalition for Equity and Justice is a non-partisan, non-profit statewide civic engagement table that works with our partner organizations to shift power back to the people of Louisiana. Together, our coalition partners organize in communities, fight for policies that lift up Louisiana’s families, and increase voter participation by building support structures for community activism and voice.

About Us


Our Coalition amplifies the voice of the people through an integrated voter engagement strategy. Every partner organization has taken an active role in developing that strategy, which is based on shared values and the recognition that collective power-building is necessary for us to make the changes that our state needs.

The Power Coalition and our partners understood that where we are today is a moment of opportunity; a time to dig in and become intentional and strategic and to use this movement of heightened civic engagement, born out of disaster, to create a true paradigm shift. This is a time to plant a flag in the ground that states an intention to bring the voices of our constituents to the forefront and to make the state of Louisiana a case study for how to end poverty through innovative policy and civic engagement.

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 An investment in the Power Coalition increases community voice and sustained engagement on the issues important to communities across the state. If you would like to support our work please complete the form at the link below.


The Path to Equity and Justice

The Power Coalition pursues a strategy of integrated voter engagement to encourage and empower our fellow Louisianans to participate in their democracy. Integrated voter engagement is not a transactional strategy that is focused on a single election or political issue. Instead, it is an ongoing effort to more fully engage Louisianans in all aspects of civic life.


These key resources can serve as education tools for you and your community.

Policy GuidePeople's AgendaCurrent News


Bring the power of your voice and vote to your community. Make use of our Organizer’s Toolkit.

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Engaging with your elected officials is the most direct method of advocating for good policies.

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We have partners across Louisiana. Learn more about our team and who we work with across the state.

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The People’s Agenda
For the past five years, the Power Coalition has been touring the state, listening to people like you, so we could learn more about the problems facing our communities, and try to identify the root causes of those problems. That process informed the development of our People’s Agenda–a set of four issues that we think are key to turning the tide of Louisiana politics.

The issues we focus on include:

1. Create greater economic opportunity for all

Do the jobs in your community pay living wages and offer the benefits you need to provide security for you and your family? Do they pay everyone the same, regardless of gender or race? Do you, your family, and your community have equal access to quality healthcare and education? Let’s build an economy that works for everyone. 

2. Sustain and continue to expand criminal and juvenile justice reforms

Louisiana has one of the highest incarceration rates in the world. Does that really seem “just” to you? Let’s make sure that the word “Justice” truly is at the heart of our criminal justice system.

3. Prioritize fiscal fairness
Did you know that in Louisiana wealthy people actually pay a much smaller tax burden than low- and moderate-income earners? Did you know that we give away 10 times more in corporate welfare per person than the national average, with much of that money going to major polluters? If we want to create an economy that works for all of us, then we need to turn that inequitable tax system on its head.

4. Ensure fair, equitable electoral districts
Redistricting is at the core of our state’s political dysfunction. To fix this broken system, we’re going to need to work toward a full and proper count during the 2020 Census, which will inform (and help ensure) a fair, equitable, and transparent redistricting process in 2021.