Power Hour Volunteer

Engage with Power Coalition for an hour at a time to mobilize voters across the state!

Power Cluster Volunteer Group

Volunteer with a group to energize your community and multiply your impact! See the chart on the other side to learn how wide you can make your reach.

Help Us Mobilize Power Voters Across Louisiana

2020 has been a challenging year for all of us. We have seen the impacts of the decisions made by elected leaders in our communities, health, jobs, and so much more. It is time to unleash the power of our voices and our vote to elect leaders that are accountable to our communities and are willing to do the work of the people...this year it’s personal!

In 2019, the Power Coalition led a successful statewide campaign to engage, educate, and turnout infrequent and semi-frequent voters of color. That campaign helped drive the highest Black voter turnout in modern Louisiana election history. Now we’re bringing that same energy into 2020 so we can engage more than 500,000 voters of Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) in Louisiana and reach at least 70% BIPOC turnout for this fall’s elections. But if we’re going to get there we need your help, especially in the midst of our COVID-19 reality.

bar chart that shows 2016 BIPOC voter turnout, 2019 black voter turnout and 2020 goal for BIPOC voter turnout of 70%

In 2020 we need 250,000 more BIPOC to vote to reach 70% voter turnout!

People are most likely to turn out to vote if they are contacted three times.

We are asking you to help us build out a network of volunteers who will take part in Power Hours and Power Clusters so we can turn out the vote in 2020 and encourage people to take the 2020 Census before time runs out!

Power Coalition for Equity and Justice partners will be reaching out to more than 400,000 voters across Louisiana.


Power Coalition volunteers (including you!) can help us reach the other 100,000 voters.

With 1 Power Hour Your Can Make a Difference

Power Hour volunteer activity is limited to either texting or phone banking per hour. Your hour can’t be split between activities.
estimated number of text messages per hour
estimated number of calls per hour
Power Hour Volunteer
1 Person
With 1 Power Hour, 1 Person can send up to 1,000 texts or make 50 phone calls.
Power Hour Volunteer
Family or Friends
2-5 People
With 1 Power Hour, 2-5 people can send up to 2,000 - 5,000 texts or make 100-250 phone calls.
Power Hour Volunteer
Small Group
6-10 People
With 1 Power Hour, 6-10 people can send 6,000-10,000 texts or make 300-500 phone calls.
Power Hour Volunteer
Large Group
11-20 People
With 1 Power Hour, 11-20 people can send up to 11,000-20,000 texts or make 550-1000 phone calls.
Power Hour Volunteer
Larger Group
21-30 People
With 1 Power Hour, 21-30 people can send 21,000-30,000 texts or make 1050-1500 phone calls.
Power Hour Volunteer
X-Large Group
31-40 People
With 1 Power Hour, 31-40 people can send up to 31,000-40,000 texts or make 1550-2000 phone calls.

Power Coalition and partners will continue to hold Voter Registration Drives to reach the 145,000 Black people who are unregistered to vote across Louisiana.

Power Cluster Volunteer Group

Get Engaged! Power Coalition will be awarding mini grants to the Power Clusters that reach the most people this GOTV season. Register your Power Cluster today and let’s have some fun!

Volunteer Opportunities

Phone Banking

Connect with your community by giving them a call! Phone banking is a process that is virtually connected to our voter database that involves calling people to register to vote, get out to vote, notify them of upcoming events, and keep them in the loop with ways to be civically engaged.

Peer-to-Peer Texting

Connect with your community by sending them a text message! Through a texting application that connects to our voter database, you can send messages encouraging people to register to vote, get out to vote, notify them of upcoming events, and keep them in the loop with ways to be civically engaged.

Election Protection

Election Protection is an opportunity to ensure that voters have a safe, accessible, and comfortable environment to cast their votes. The purpose of Election Protection is to help voters, collect data that address obstacles facing voters, and support reform that advocates for increased access to the ballot.

Event Support

The Power Coalition hosts numerous events throughout the year including but not limited to listening sessions, candidate forums, and election day activities. Volunteering for event support looks like working with the Power Coalition team to set up these events, coordinating with community members, and any additional support that may be needed. *Note: Due to COVID-19 many events will be virtual (e.g. zoom, webinar, facebook live, etc.)