"We want to be sure that the African American community and communities of color, in particular, have an opportunity to have their voice heard and be able to vote for people who truly represent them.”
—Gerri Hobdy

The Power of the Ballot Mural Project

The Power of Art & Justice


This awe-inspiring mural captures the essence of a pivotal area in history. “The Power of the Ballot” by the talented muralist Ka’Davien Bayor, assisted by professional portrait artists Eric Francis, Brandon Armstrong, and Dominique Mclemore stands as a vivid reminder of the relentless fight for African American voting rights both locally and nationally. At the center of this masterpiece, the words ” A Voteless People Is a Hopeless People” command attention, serving as a rallying cry that reverberates through time. These words, sourced from the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity’s national program “A Voteless People is a Hopeless People”, encapsulates the core message of the mural, urging us to remember the struggles and sacrifices endured by those who paved the way for our democratic freedoms.

The mural’s composition introduces you to a tapestry of influential figures who stood at the forefront of the battle for equality. WEB Du Bois, Dr. C.O. Simpkins, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Andrew Young, and Thurgood Marshall come to life in vibrant contrast, their determined expressions reflecting the resilience that defined their endeavors. Among the mural’s vivid depictions is a stirring portrayal of the Selma to Montgomery march, a transformative event that echoes through history. The imagery of brave souls marching together serves as a vivid reminder of the sacrifices made in pursuit of justice and equality. The Selma to Montgomery march, which occurred in 1965 symbolizes a turning point in the fight for civil rights, a testament to the unbreakable spirit of unity and determination.

This remarkable work of art, a product of passion and purpose, was made possible through the combined efforts of devoted individuals and organizations. In celebration of Cultural Crossroads‘ 25th anniversary, the Artspreneur: The Business of Art Conference held in Baton Rogue in March 2023 served as a catalyst. The Power Coalition for Equity and Justice generously granted micro commissions, under the theme “Your Voice, Your Vote, Your Power,” providing the essential funding that breathed life into this mural.

You can view the mural at the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity House, located at 3132 Greenwood Rd in Shreveport, LA.

Photos by Oh So Dope Photography

About the Artist: Ka'Davien Baylor


KaDavien Baylor's work focuses on human transformation, social theories, and encapsulating experience.  Drawing on his interest and training in communication design, Baylor combines elements of design and abstraction through many mediums.  Known for his “Masters” series, Baylor creates work that focuses on the possibility of using art to promote self and social understanding.  Baylor smarltly upturns human values and art values.  In all aspects of his work, he contends with the notion of art is a powerful tool of communication defined by modern aesthetic and encapsulating design. Baylor has exhibited in Multicultural Center of the South (Shreveport, La), Louisiana Tech University VA Gallery (2015), Arka Art Space (2017), Bisong Art Gallery (Houston, TX) (2019), Conception Arts (2017-2019),  and many group shows in the Houston, TX area.  Currently, KaDavien has focused on the use of public art to educate and reiterate communities on the beauty of human existence.

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