Upcoming Legislative Hearings: Week of May 22

Monday, May 22

House Committee on Appropriations
Committee Room 5, 9:00 a.m.

HB282 (LBP) REP. GREEN – SCHOOLS/FOOD PROGRAMS – Requires free school breakfast and lunch for certain students.

HB449 (PCEJ) REP. WILLARD – VOTERS/VOTING – Provides relative to the rights of voters with disabilities.

House Committee on Ways and Means
Committee Room 6, 10:00 a.m.

SB 41 – TAX/TAXATION – Establishes a tax credit for certain maternal wellness centers. (8/1/23)

SB 56 – TAX EXEMPTIONS Reinstates the Second Amendment sales tax holiday. (7/1/23)

House Committee on Transportation:
Committee Room 3, 10AM

SB 124 (LACDL) REP. KLEINPETER – CRIME/PUNISHMENT – Increases the penalty for driving a vehicle without a license plate attached. (8/1/23)

Senate Finance:
Committee Room, A-B, 9:00 AM 

SB 149 (LBP) SEN. CARTER Provides relative to the state minimum wage

Senate Revenue & Fiscal Affairs

John J. Hainkel, Jr. Room 10:30 A.M.

SB 62 (LBP) SEN. BACLA Reduces the rate of the state sales and use tax

SB 172 (CPEX) REP. DEVILLIER Reduces the severance tax rate for oil over a certain period of time and fixes the severance tax rate for oil produced from certain wells at the current rate

Tuesday, May 23

House Committee on HGA:
Committee Room 3, 9:00am

HB538 (PCEJ) REP. JENKINS – VOTERS/VOTING – Provides relative to early voting locations.

SB 16  (LDF) SEN. BERNARD – ELECTION CODE – Provides relative to parish boards of election supervisors. (8/1/23) 

SB 23 (LDF) SEN. BERNARD – VOTERS/VOTING – Requires approval by the secretary of state for the use and expands permissible locations of alternative locations for early voting. (8/1/23)

SB 80 (PCEJ) SEN. FIELDS – REDISTRICTING – Provides for transparency and community engagement in redistricting. (gov sig)

Senate Judiciary C
Committee Room F 10 AM

HB 16 REP. SCHLEGEL Provides additional penalties  

HB 54 REP. SCHLEGEL Provides relative to the discretion of the district attorney to prosecute a juvenile as an adult for certain offenses

HB 75 REP. VILLIO Provides relative to penalties for distribution or possession with intent to distribute fentanyl or carfentanil

HB 84 REP. SCHLEGEL Provides relative to disposition of juveniles after adjudication of certain felony-grade delinquent acts

HB 85 REP. JOHNSON Creates the crime of approaching a law enforcement officer lawfully engaged in law enforcement duties

HB 90 Wach REP. STEFANSKI Provides relative to penalties for distribution or possession with intent to distribute fentanyl or carfentanil

HB 265 (PJI) REP. FONTENOT Provides relative to release and dissemination of booking photographs of an arrested personHB 271 (PJI) REP. NELSON Provides relative to sequestration of jurors