Our Mission

We are a team of organizations who believe in the power of community and taking action.
Our goal is to equip our fellow Louisianans with the knowledge and information they need to activate their voice, and learn where and when to use it.


Our Framework

The Power Coalition is building an integrated civic engagement strategy that amplifies the voices of those who have historically been ignored, and organize them into a unified movement.

This movement is framed by a commitment to the following shared principles:

  1. The People Closest To The Problem Are Closest To The Solution
    Those who are directly affected by harmful policies and inequitable systems should lead the movement for change.
  2. Government Should Be Accountable To Citizens For Its Actions
    Louisiana is at its best when it fulfills its Constitution’s promise to “secure justice for all, preserve peace, protect the rights, and promote the happiness and general welfare of the people."
  3. Intersectionality Is Mandatory In Policy Advocacy
    Power is built by working together across issue and policy areas, and constructing a shared frame for advocacy with one voice.

What We Do

We are a coalition of community-based organizations who work together to educate and empower voters across Louisiana. Through our voter engagement and community organizing work, we seek to unify our collective voices into a stronger, more cohesive force that can successfully advocate for an agenda of shared values and issues.

Our work is diverse and includes power mapping, listening sessions, organizing, voter engagement, policy advocacy, and leadership development. It is centered on creating spaces where community can come together to lift up the issues that impact them, and then connect those issues to local, regional, and national resources–including the state voter file–to move our shared agenda. 


Making a Difference

We work to increase civic engagement across Louisiana, with a focus on communities of color. Over the past few years, we have played a critical role in lifting up the voice and power of those communities at the voting booth, including:

  • 2016: Mobilized a statewide campaign to reach more than 30,000 infrequent voters of color in Jefferson, Orleans, Calcasieu, Terrebonne, East Baton Rouge, Ouachita, Caddo and Bossier parishes
  • 2017: Increased our partner capacity in Orleans Parish, and helped our table make more than 53,000 voter contact attempts across the city during the local election cycle.
  • 2018: Played a lead role in the Unanimous Jury Coalition, a statewide campaign to pass Amendment 2 and end the use of non-unanimous juries in Louisiana. This historic victory, which was supported by ~64% of Louisiana’s voters, was made possible by the Coalition’s work. We made more than 250,000 direct voter contact attempts and garnered millions of impressions online and through traditional channels.
  • 2019: We teamed up with our partner organizations, community groups, students, and volunteers to make more than 1.3 million voter contact attempts to 465,000+ infrequent and semi-frequent voters of color across Louisiana, approximately 60% of whom turned out to vote in the statewide elections.

Our Team