When School Ends, No-Cost Summer Meals Begin!


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May 28 to August 6, 2024

EBR Schools and OneRouge CAFÉ Collaborate - Free Summer Meals Program

Hunger does not take a summer vacation. This summer, children ages 0-18 can enjoy free breakfast and lunches through the 2024 EBRPSS Summer Meals Program from May 28 to August 2.

“We are excited to share with our community our dedication to ensuring that all children are provided fresh, delicious, and nutritious meals all year, including the most vulnerable time of the year for a child to go hungry: SUMMER!” shares EBRPSS Child Nutrition Program, Dr. Nichola Hall, Chief Human Resources Officer.

We highly recommend that families participate in EBRPSS Summer Feeding Programs and utilize SUN Bucks to feed children healthy and nutritious meals.

The EBRPSS Summer Feeding Program outreach is made possible through supportive partners, such as OneRouge and its Capital Area Food Equity (CAFÉ) Coalition and the City of Baton Rouge. These efforts have amplified the awareness of the EBRPSS Summer Meals Program by ensuring that Baton Rouge families are well-informed of the available resources such as the locations and operating hours of the numerous summer feeding sites. To help connect more people with food in Baton Rouge, become a member of OneRouge CAFÉ.

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EBR families can access food for their children in four ways during this summer

EBRPSS Summer Meals
  • No application is required, drop-ins are encouraged!
  • Each site will provide onsite feeding Monday through Thursday, excluding Monday, June 17, and Thursday, July 4.
EBRSS Summer Feeding Sites
Rural Site Brunch Kits
  • Pre-registration is required.
  • Three- and four-day brunch kits can be picked up at Northeast Elementary School in Pride, LA on Mondays and Thursdays.
Rural Site Brunch Kit Pre-Registration
“Meals on the Geaux”
  • Meals are offered at selected housing authorities and libraries.
  • Meals must be consumed onsite.
  • No application is required.
  • This grab-and-go service will be offered at select housing authorities and libraries throughout the city of Baton Rouge.
  • Check the EBRPSS Summer Feeding Meals on the Geaux list for specific dates and times.
Meals on the Geaux List
SUN Bucks, also known as Summer EBT
  • Provides low-income families with $120 per school-age child for grocery purchases during the summer.

    The benefits will be issued in multiple phases beginning on June 4th

    Most eligible families will receive SUN bucks automatically, but some families will need to apply, Please visit to check if you are eligible.

Learn More About SunBucks