Legislative Session Update 5/16/22

Here’s what happened last week at the Louisiana Legislature:

Electoral Justice: Power Coalition Priority HB 720 for emergency election planning, passed favorably out of committee with no objections. A huge thank you to everyone who contacted their legislators and submitted green cards!Power Coalition Priority, HB 1065 (formerly HB 680) for poll site change notifications passed the House floor and is currently pending Senate and Governmental Affairs. Thank you to everyone who supported this necessary bill!

Housing JusticeHB 1063 by Rep. Willard, for Fair Chance in Housing, passed on the House floor and will soon be scheduled in Senate Commerce. A huge S/O to LAFHAC for their leadership on this bill!HB303 by Rep. Aimee Freeman, for LGBTQ+ protections in state Fair Housing laws, did not pass on the House floor, but we are glad for its progress out of committee and to have a vote on record. A huge S/O to LAFHAC for their leadership on this bill! 

Carceral Justice: HB 648 by Rep. Hilferty to make the Crime Victims Reparations Fund more accessible passed the House floor 98 yeas-0 nays! A huge S/O to Louisiana Survivors for Reform for their leadership on this important bill!

This Week

Racial Justice: Our Power Coalition priority HB 41 BY Rep Newell, to protect against racial discrimination with a focus on hair discrimination, will be heard in House Civil Law on Monday at 10AM. You can take action to support this bill HERE. 

Housing Justice: We are supporting HB 160 by Rep. Mandie Landry, to provide renter protections after disasters, with our partners at  LAFHAC. This bill will be heard in Senate Judiciary A on Tuesday, May 17th at 9:00am. Here is the link to our action alert. 

Health Justice: We are opposing  HCR1 and HB 427, which are scheduled for the House floor on Monday and Tuesday respectively, with our partners at Louisiana Families for Vaccines. These are both anti-vax bills that would endanger our schools. You can take action against these bills HERE.

Carceral Justice: We are opposing HB 1077, which would make it more difficult to bring people home with non-unanimous juries, with our partners at VOTE this Tuesday!

Maternal Health Justice: We are supporting HB 784 for Maternal Mental Health with our partners at NBEC. This bill will be heard on the Senate floor on Monday! You can tell your legislators to support this bill HERE.