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Constitutional Amendments

There were 11 constitutional amendments on the ballot this fall election season—eight on the November 8th Election ballot and three on the December 10th Election ballot. Many of the Amendments this election season went against our values of equity and justice for all people in Louisiana. Voter confusion around Amendment 7 on the November 8th ballot impacted the outcome.

"The confusion led voters to a conclusion that didn't serve our state," said Ashley Shelton, the president and CEO of the Power Coalition for Equity and Justice, a civic engagement organization in Louisiana. "I can name so many amendments over the years that have undermined the voters' ability to actually vote in their own interests because they don't understand it," Shelton said.

Power Coalition and our partners will work to get the amendment back on the ballot in the future. “Voter confusion on this issue means that there is a moral imperative to address this next legislative session and get it right,” Shelton said. Louisiana isn't the first state to face this issue when working to pass similar measures. Changing the language is important for incarcerated people in our state and we know people truly want to ban slavery and involuntary servitude once and for all.
We took a stance on all of the amendments in the December 10th Runoff Election. Particularly encouraging a "No" vote on Amendment One to support and protect our brothers and sisters against discrimination. The narrative around immigration and non-citizens needs to change. We have seen where mainstream hatred leads, not just in our state, but also our country. Continuing to allow theories and conspiracies to block others only leads to hostility. We don't support blocking anyone from using their voice, and though we were encouraging a “NO” vote, all three of the amendments on the December 10th Runoff Ballot passed.
Public Service Commission
In preparation for this Get Out and Vote season we started education around the Public Service Commissioner early. We had 100 canvassers working statewide to educate people. Our GOTV strategy this fall included one pagers, phone calls, texts, digital ads, commercials and canvassing to help engage people in District 3 to make an informed vote. The power of our organizing efforts and the impacts of voter education and mobilization of the people to help see change is clear.

“Every election is important, and each year the stakes are raised. [This election season] we’ve been working with partners to educate voters about what the Public Service Commissioner does and how this position impacts national climate goals, but also the rates of public utilities that are needed in the day-to-day life of everyone. Someone who holds that much power should be accountable to the people they serve. For everyone to vote with confidence, voters need to understand what that candidate does and where they stand on important issues,” said Ashley Shelton.

Davante Lewis, commissioner-elect, will serve the people of PSC District 3. Your vote made history and helped to elect the highest ranking Black official and the first LGBTQ person into state office in Louisiana. People power in action!


While we know there is still work to be done across our state, we hope people are as fueled by this election season as we are. Together we can create the change we wish to see and shift power back to the people. We are doing this, one vote at a time.

It starts with your vote in each and every election. When we all choose to use our voice we eventually create a movement and a force that cannot be stopped. We are excited most about this and will continue to push until we see Louisiana at its best... A multi-class, multi-racial and multi-generational state where everyone thrives.

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