Black August highlights the history of Black resistance in the ongoing struggle for Black liberation. Black August keeps the history of activists alive. It keeps us engaged in the fight against racist laws and social practices that stop Black people from truly being free and enjoying all the rights and protections of the U.S. Constitution.

Here to There

What started in California to honor fallen Freedom Fighters Jonathan Jackson, George Jackson, William Christmas, James McClain, W.L. Nolan, and Khatari Gaulden, leaves us today looking to our organizers who continue to activate and engage us in the fight for liberation, justice, and power.

Activate Your Power Towards Liberation

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Your vote can change a black life....

  • by building Black political power that can transform the systems we currently have now.
  • by electing Congressmembers that will fight for Black futures.
  • at the local level and help fix the problems you see in your streets and schools.
  • by shifting political power to candidates that ensure all have their needs met. So Black people can find their voice.
  • by electing a candidate that will ensure policies like the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act end voting discrimination and ensure Black voters are equally represented.

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