The time is now to get involved — join us by lending your voice to realizing a better Louisiana! It will be the voices of everyday people throughout the State that shift the power back into the hands of the community.

The Pathway to Justice

The Power Coalition pursues a strategy of integrated voter engagement to encourage and empower our fellow Louisianans to participate in their democracy. Integrated voter engagement is not a transactional strategy that is focused on a single election or political issue, but instead is a constant effort to more fully engage Louisianans in all aspects of civic life.


Take a look at our key resources that include statewide analyses, legislative toolkit and other useful information: the Policy Guide and The People’s Agenda.

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The four different pathways outlined above are just starting points that reflect the varied ways in which the Power Coalition helps to increase civic engagement throughout Louisiana. These pathways all relate to and inform each other to create a powerful base for engagement.

Please explore all of the different pathways to find out the many ways that Louisianans can become more involved participants in our democracy.


You can get involved in more ways than one. Reach out to us to learn how you can volunteer with us on the ground and partner with us.


Louisiana Lawmakers Stare Down Fiscal Cliff for State Budget

Louisiana will face a fiscal cliff on July 1st, 2018, when close to $1.5 billion in temporary tax measures will fall off the books. Lawmakers must account for this impending deficit and fix the state’s chronic budget problems by rebuilding the tax system. Due to the state’s regressive sales tax and low personal income tax, Louisiana’s poorest 40% of families pay twice the effective tax rate as the richest 1% of families. Lawmakers failed to reform Louisiana’s tax structure during the 2017 legislative session, and it is now absolutely crucial that the state legislature step up to the plate to equitably bring in revenue and prevent devastating budget cuts in 2018. 

As a state we must acknowledge that continued deep and potentially catastrophic cuts to our education and healthcare systems is a constant threat as those are the only two places in the budget that can be cut as per the state constitution.

Please follow this link for the Louisiana Budget Projects analysis of how the fiscal cliff affects Louisiana families.

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We believe in the power of the people as the core of democracy, and invite you to learn more, and take action on the issues that matter to you.

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