Louisiana Statewide Election Saturday, November 13

For Immediate Release: November 12, 2021  Voters across the state can cast their ballot for Constitutional Amendments and local races on Saturday, November 13 from 7:00am-8:00pm.  Baton Rouge, LA– Every voter in the state has the opportunity to cast their vote during the election on Saturday, November 13. The ballot has 4 statewide Constitutional Amendments and many parishes and towns …

Sweeping Constitutional amendments on the ballot

After years of doing taxes the same way, Louisiana voters beginning Saturday are being asked to decide if the state should head in a different direction. Forty-three parishes, like Orleans, are choosing local leadership or deciding propositions, like East Baton Rouge, which is seeking to renew a property tax that funds the local city buses.

Staging Nov. 13 election has been tough

Storm water had moved a tomb near the front door. When the door was opened a snake slithered out from the accumulated marsh grass. Jumping out of the way, Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin’s only thought was “nope.”