The Power Coalition for Equity and Justice amplifies the voice of the people through integrated civic engagement, targeted voting strategies, and, most importantly, collaboration with a diverse set of organizations making impact across the State.


Each partner holds a body of work that informs our values, analysis and approach to moving the needle on the persistent systems that hold Louisiana at the bottom of most quality of life indicators. Collectively we work together to move an agenda that is informed by our analysis, work and obstacles. We have been able to accelerate our wins because of this joint understanding, informed advocacy work and economies of scale. We make decisions collectively and the Coalition table serves to leverage and support the individual work of each partner while also providing support for programmatic gaps.

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A multi-racial community-based organization in New Orleans that empowers youth and families through organizing and leadership development.


A grassroots, membership based organization founded and run by Formerly Incarcerated Persons (FIPs) in partnership with allies dedicated to ending the disenfranchisement and discrimination against of FIPs.


Congress of Day Laborers/Congreso de Jornaleros

An organization of immigrant workers and families developing a leadership pipeline to mobilize immigrants into public life and social movement participation.

Friends and Families of Louisiana’s Incarcerated Children

A Louisiana advocacy and policy organization that fight for youth and their families affected by the criminal justice system.

Greater New Orleans Housing Alliance

A collaborative of nonprofit housing builders and development corporations advocating for the preservation and production of affordable housing.

Jeremiah Group

A faith-based community organization that does nonpartisan organizing focused on economic opportunity and education in Jefferson and Orleans parishes.

Louisiana Budget Project

An organization that monitors and reports on public policy and how it affects Louisiana's low- to moderate-income families.

Stand With Dignity

An organization of structurally unemployed and underemployed Black workers dedicated to building career ladders for workers for disenfranchised citizens in New Orleans.

Women with a Vision

An organization focused on improving the lives of marginalized women, their families, and communities through advocacy, health education, supportive services, and research.

Step Up Louisiana

The members of Step Up Louisiana are committed to building political power to win education and economic justice for all. Our members step up and go beyond voting to campaign, organize from a racial justice perspective and hold political and community leaders accountable.


Partnership is one of the best ways to build collective power and enact change. Join our statewide community and let’s work together for the good of the State.

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