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HB 273Requires the legislature to establish a procedure to determine the annual state expenditure limit and caps the growth of the limit at five percent.
HB 482LBPOpposeCreates a regulatory sandbox program within the office of financial institutions
HB 514LBPOpposelevies a state sales and use tax on raw or crude marijuana recommended for therapeutic use.
HB 434Levies taxes on sales of cannabis and provides for the use of the avails of the taxes including funding law enforcement
HB 524Ballot Proposition to Legalize Marijuana
HB 699Provides for the decriminalization and regulation of marijuana for recreational purposes
HB 568Authorizes the levy of an excise tax on the wholesale sale of cannabis by a cannabis production facility to a cannabis-infused product manufacturing facility or a cannabis retaile
HB 637Provides relative to the regulation of cannabis
HB 243SUPPORTdecriminalization of marijuana possession and distribution
HB 282adds a person's sexual orientation and gender identity to the La. Equal Housing Opportunity Act as factors not to be considered in the competition for available housing.
HB 382Provides relative to race and national origin discrimination in education, employment, public accommodations, and housing opportunities
HB 322366Provides for the sharing of limited student information for the purpose of administering certain federal food assistance programs
HB 54Louisiana Partnership for Children and Families OpposeCreates the crime of adoption deception
HB 542OPPOSEFairness in Women's Sports Act relative to a school's ability to offer opportunities to each student to participate in team sporting events on an equal basis
HB 575OpposeProhibits the prescribing and dispensing of drugs to a minor which may alter his puberty.
HB 7SupportProvides for a sales and use tax exemption for feminine hygiene products and diapers
HB 241adds a $20 fee for filing a warrant of possession, all of the filing fees from eviction proceedings shall be distributed only to organizations which provide pro-bono, legal defense services in eviction proceedings, and such distribution shall be based on the workload provided by the organization rendering pro-bono legal services.
HB 52no special juvenile procedures for aggravated battery via firearms
HB 476 Allows parishes and municipalities to utilize public-private partnership projects for purposes of broadband and high-speed data infrastructure expansion.
HB 103creates liability for COVID-19 vaccination administration
HB 190182SupportRequires health insurance coverage for maternity services provided by certified nurse midwives, certified professional midwives, and doulas and further requires that Medicaid rates paid for health services delivered by midwives be at least equal to the Medicare rates for those services.
HB 193Creates the office on women's health within the La. Department of Health
HB 468supportProvides relative to extension of medicaid coverage for an individual experiencing postpartum
HB 11 opposeCreates the crime of infliction of serious injury or death on a road user and provides for penalties
HB 55provides relative to protective orders
HB 196(Constitutional Amendment) Prohibits slavery and involuntary servitude
HB 325Increases total credits earned by offenders upon bachelor's/master's degrees
HB 46252provides relative to certain pretrial procedures
HB 56provides relative to identifying sex offenders via driver's license & identification cards
HB 67SupportRepeals certain prostitution-related offenses
HB 68provides relative to restricting solitary confinement
HB 7761in felony cases, provides relative to suspension/deferral of sentence/probation
HB 83provides relative to the posting of bail
HB 84121supportprovides relative to qualifivations of jurors
HB 92257increases amount paid by wronglyfully convicted person
HB 106271provides that the defendant is also informed that he may be subject to additional consequences as a result of his plea of guilty or nolo contendere.
HB 108Proposed law retains present law but requires the court to do one of three things upon the filing of an application to proceed in forma pauperis: (1) grant the application, (2) deny the application and provide written reasons for the denial, or (3) set the matter for a contradictory hearing.
HB 123Provides petitioners with additional procedures for post-conviction relief.
HB 129Peace Officer Standards and Training Updates
HB 145122SupportAllows for parole eligibility of persons convicted of specific crimes under certain circumstances.
HB 158Amends certain elements of second degree murder; provides for a minimum and maximum sentence for those convicted of second degree murder;
HB 166immunity from prosecution, charges, or penalties for possession of a controlled dangerous substance for persons experiencing drug-related overdoses does not apply when first responders or law enforcement officers respond to the same residence two or more times
HB 216 123LCCR, Ubuntu VilllageSUPPORTProposed law eliminates all fees, costs, and taxes in juvenile delinquency cases
HB 232124provides relative to discharge and dismissals of misdemeanor prosecutions
HB 238Creates the crimes of felony and misdemeanor intentional exposure to a sexually transmitted disease
HB 248125Operation Restoration, Right on CrimeSupportprovides that when the court places the defendant on unsupervised probation, it shall order as a condition of probation a monthly fee of not more than one dollar to be payable to the Dept. of Public Safety and Corrections or other such probation office, agency, or officer as designated by the court.
HB 254 SUPPORT provides for parole eligibility for juvenile offenders
HB 271304SUPPORTCreates the Transitional Residential Pilot Program for female offenders
HB 288OpposeRelative to the financial obligations of criminal defendants, provides relative to the effective date of Act No. 260 of the 2017 R.S., and specifies the effectiveness of overlapping provisions subsequently amended by Act No. 668 of the 2018 R.S. and Act No. 253 of the 2019 R.S.
HB 308Power CoalitionSupportProvides relative to criminal procedure
HB 325126Requires the development of guidelines and training for law enforcement agencies on identifying and ensuring the safety of minor or dependent children upon the arrest of the child's parent or guardian.
HB 326Removes the requirement that the handgun be possessed on the offender's person in order for the crime of illegal possession of a handgun by a juvenile to apply, creates the crime of possession of a firearm or carrying of a concealed weapon by a juvenile on probation or parole, and provides elements and criminal penalties for the offense.
HB 346 Provides relative to post-conviction relief or parole when a verdict is rendered by a non-unanimous jury
HB 353Provides relative to stronger background checks for gun purchases
HB 402Removes the requirement imposing certain sentencing terms, provides relative to the court's authority regarding sentencing, and allows persons convicted of felonies to be able to qualify for or to take elected public office.
HB 419Provides relative to the credit received for time served while on parole when parole is revoked, and provides for the concurrent serving of the sentence imposed for the parole violation and the sentence imposed for a new offense.
HB 344Power CoalitionSupportProvides relative to a defendant's ability to pay fines, fees, and costs associated with traffic violations, warrants of arrest, and summons issued in lieu of arrest.
HB 490Provides relative to parole eligibility for certain persons
HB 560240Provides for situations where peace officers may issue written summons instead of making custodial arrests.
HB 604Provides for a comprehensive revision of expungement laws, including petition- based and government-initiated criminal record-clearing.
HB 609Support Prohibits qualified immunity from officers as a defense in certain cases
HB 611Prohibits the use of facial recognition data in law enforcement investigations and evidentiary proceedings and provides exceptions to the prohibition.
HB 652247Reduces the criminal penalties for a first conviction of marijuana when the offender possesses 14 grams or less.
HB 586Creates the Office of the State Public Defender and Justice Investment and provides for the relocation of certain court-related service providers and related funding
HB 39143provides relatve to the recusal of judges
HB 33142provides relative to time limitations for certain offenses against juveniles
HB 247Prohibits naming public facilities after persons
HB 14provides for civil liability for the owner, operator, or provider of an interactive computer service who restricts a user's account or content based on race, gender, political ideology, or religious beliefs.
HB 602Provides relative to social media websites
HB 42provides relative to financial aid
HB 85creates literacy programs for certain public school students
HB 95create policy discussion programs at public postsecondary education institutions
HB 136Provides that a student in grades pre-K through eight may be suspended only for acting in a way that is intended to cause significant bodily harm or emotional distress to another person. (Integrates Trauma informed care)
HB 211provides relative to public schools choice
HB 304198rovides for coordinating data in order to evaluate the early childhood care and education network, prioritizing the provision of related services and funds, and creating a program to provide instructional materials for home use
HB 352Provides relative to required instruction in American history and civics in public schools
HB 394Provides for mandatory reporting of sexual misconduct at postsecondary education institutions and requires such institutions to post reports relative to campus security policies and campus crime statistics on their websites
HB 411provides a comprehensive revision of present law, applicable to all public schools, including charter schools.
HB 324FFLICSupportProhibits corporal punishment in public elementary and secondary schools
HB 564OpposeProvides relative to training at K-12 schools and postsecondary education institutions with respect to certain concepts related to race and sex.
HB 20Prohibits the use of private funds to pay election-related expenses
HB 138Creates a supplemental annual canvass of registered voters
HB 13912Requires annual training of members of a parish board of election supervisors.
HB 14113Requires persons conducting exit polls within six hundred feet of a polling place to register with the secretary of state
HB 21416Provides relative to required orientation and training of new registrars of voters
HB 28522Power CoalitionSupportProvides relative to the amount a time a person may remain in a voting machine
HB 286365Power CoalitionSupportExtends the period for early voting prior to election day
HB 309Calls a special election on October 9, 2021, for submitting proposed constitutional amendments to the state's electors
HB 329Proposed law increases the maximum age of a child who may be present to 15 years old.
HB 330377Increases the number of commissioners for the presidential preference primary election.
HB 388SupportProvides a longer period of time for a parish to prepare and verify absentee by mail and early voting ballots before election day
HB 557Abstract: Changes the dates of congressional elections and provides relative to the certification of candidates elected at such elections under certain circumstances.
HB 581381Makes revisions to the Louisiana Election Code
HB 599Provides relative to elections.
HB 653Provides for voting and voting processes and procedures, including provisions relative to the standards, requirement, and acquisition of voting machines and systems
HB 378127Provides procedures, reports, and definitions relative to registration and voting by a person with a felony conviction.
HB 82Establishes election sections for the election of judges to the City Court of Lake Charles
HB 168Provides relative to a district attorney's responsibility in an action objecting to the candidacy of a person who qualified as a candidate in a prim
HB 235189Provides relative to certain judgeships in the Twenty-First Judicial District
HB 86150Increases the number of members of a parish executive committee of a recognized political party in Lafayette Parish.
HB 167364Provides for removal of deceased persons from voter registration rolls
HB 149specifies that either house of the legislature may terminate the entire state of emergency or any section or subsection of an emergency declaration by petition signed by a majority of the surviving members of that house. Relative to public health emergencies, provides for either house to terminate the emergency by petition after consulting with a public health specialist.
HB 480Step UpSupportProvides relative to employment discrimination and creates the Fair Chance Hiring Act
HB 151Provides for an increase in the administrative penalties assessed for the misclassification of employees
HB 180Provides relative to unemployment compensation benefits by adding an additional condition in order to satisfy the active search requirement.
HB 189Prohibits race discrimination based on natural hairstyles
HB 245Supportemployment practices related to wage history, wage disclosure, and retaliation
HB 380316Provides for a reduction in contributions for certain employers.
HB 580Provides for paid leave for public employees who are required to take time off work due to COVID-19
HB 610SupportProvides relative to the maximum weekly benefit amount for unemployment benefits (Increases yearly)
HB 707Step UpSupportProvides relative to employment discrimination
HB 72allows for voluntary environmental self-audit program established by Dept. of Envronmental Quality
HB 617OPPOSEEstablishes Louisiana as a fossil fuel sanctuary state
HB 16Provides relative to the concealed carrying of firearms
HB 48provides relatve to requirements for concelead carry permit safety and training course applicants/instructors
HB 118Creates the Louisiana Firearm Protection Act; provides for definitions; provides relative to infringements on a citizen's right to keep and bear arms; provides for application of the Act; and specifies who has a right of action.
HB 124Provides an exception to certain offenses of illegal carrying of weapons for persons with a concealed handgun permit.
HB 596Exempts certain persons from the crime of illegal carrying of weapons and replaces the requirement that a person possess a permit issued by the state of La. in order to carry a concealed handgun in the state of La. with the requirement that a person complete a 60 minute online concealed handgun education course.
HB 597rovides relative to prohibition on certain governmental entity contracts with companies that discriminate against firearm and ammunition industries
HB 357Requires reporting of certain information relating to minors who undergo abortions
HB 423Establishes requirements concerning reports of abortions performed or induced.
HB 578Provides relative to disclosure of certain information relative to abortion pill reversal
HB 43exempts certain business utilities from state sales and use taxes
HB 171hanges the rates and brackets for purposes of calculating individual income tax liability and estates and trusts income tax liability and eliminates the standard and certain dependency deductions, the deduction for excess federal itemized personal deductions, and the deduction for federal income taxes paid for individuals, estates, and trusts.
HB 202(Constitutional Amendment) Provides for an increased vote requirement when enacting certain new tax incentives
HB 205(Constitutional Amendment) Eliminates the mandatory corporation income tax deduction for federal income taxes paid
HB 206(CA) provides for the rates & brackets of calculating income tax, elimates mandatory deduction for federal income taxes paid for income tax computing pruposes
HB 207(CA) provides for the rates & brackets of calculating income tax, elimates mandatory deduction for federal income taxes paid for income tax computing pruposes
HB 209provides for the rate of corporation income tax
HB 210provides a flat rate for corporation income tax
HB 233OPPOSEProvides for a flat rate for purposes of calculating individual income tax and modifies income tax credits, deductions, and exemptions, flat rate of 3% instead of graduated income brackets
HB 279Phases-out the corporation franchise tax
HB 299Increases the amount of the earned income tax credit from 5% to 10% and makes the 10% amount permanent.
HB 300Eliminates the mandatory decrease in the amount of earned income tax credit
HB 318Removes the requirement of gubernatorial approval for an industrial manufacturing establishment ad valorem tax exemption, caps the amount of the exemption for a manufacturing establishment at 80% of the ad valorem taxes of the establishment, and caps the amount of the exemption for a mega-project at 93% of the ad valorem taxes of the establishment.
HB 369Provides for a flat tax on individual income and eliminates the mandatory income tax deduction for federal income taxes paid for purposes of computing income taxes
HB 371(Constitutional Amendment) Authorizes local taxing authorities to enter into cooperative endeavor agreements for the purpose of authorizing payments in lieu of taxes
HB 376Provides for a flat tax rate for purposes of calculating income tax for individuals, estates, and trusts and modifies income tax cre
HB 377Authorizes local taxing authorities to enter into cooperative endeavor agreements that provide for payments in lieu of taxes
HB 146Frankie RobertsonSupportEstablishes an income tax credit following the delivery of a stillborn child
HB 61Workplace Justice ProjectOpposeRequires taxpayers claiming the earned income tax credit to provide certain residency information regarding dependents
HB 441SupportEliminates references to the maximum amount of individual income tax rates and brackets and instead requires the rates and brackets of all income taxes to be provided for in law and authorizes rather than requires a deduction for federal income taxes paid when calculating income tax liability.
HB 488(Constitutional Amendment) Establishes the maximum rate for purposes of calculating individual income taxes and repeals the mandatory deduction for federal income taxes paid
HB 696LBPSupportLevies a state tax on the transfer of certain property
HB 659LBPSupportEstablishes an income tax credit for taxpayers claiming a dependent less than eighteen years of ag
HB 660LBPSupportIncreases the amount of the earned income tax credit for certain taxpayers for a specific period of time