Why White People Need to Use Their Bodies to Defend Black People

Sonya Renee Taylor
“Don’t Ask What You CAN Do to Help Unless You’re Down to Do This!!!
until white people become willing to put their BODIES on the line for the purpose of justice there is no point asking, ” What can I do?” cuz what you really mean is ” What can I do that will not disrupt my comfort, access, resource or safety? What can I do that is easy?” Stop asking what you can do If you are unwilling in your cis able-bodied white flesh to use your privilege and positional power to intervene against the police state. What you can do is put your damn body on the line against whiteness and its institutionalized structures I.e. The Police. where will you put your body? #georgefloyd #blacklivesmatter#racialjustice #whitesupremacy#whiteness”