Power Coalition for Equity and Justice Asks Faith Leaders to Join Our ‘Census Sunday’ Initiative



Power Coalition for Equity and Justice Asks Faith Leaders to Join Our ‘Census Sunday’ Initiative

The Power Coalition for Equity and Justice is asking faith leaders across Louisiana to help us get everyone counted during this year’s U.S. Census by joining our ‘Census Sunday’ initiative. The initiative is part of our ‘Count Me In’ campaign to make sure our communities are fully counted.



Janea Jamison, Census Director, Power Coalition for Equity and Justice, (504) 766-9289, jjamison@powercoalition.org

Peter Robins-Brown, Communications Director, Power Coalition for Equity and Justice, (504) 256-8196, prb@powercoalition.org


NEW ORLEANS, LA | February 13, 2020—Ensuring a fair and accurate count in the 2020 U.S. Census is essential to the well-being of our communities. The Census determines how and where billions of dollars of federal money gets spent, and every time someone goes uncounted Louisiana loses out on $2,291. 

As a poor state, Louisiana desperately needs every dollar of federal funding we can get to programs that will benefit schools, roads, hospitals, voting access, and so much more! Data from the Census is also used to draw political maps, which determine how much of a voice people have in the political system. Unfortunately, in past Census counts, children, people of color, and immigrant communities have been undercounted, leading to fewer resources for our state as a whole, and especially for those communities.

We need faith leaders to help us fix this disparity. We need YOU to join us in educating your family, friends, neighbors, and congregants about how the Census works and how important it is to be counted. We need YOU to raise the importance of how the Census connects to resources, representation, and real voice and POWER!

With a full count, we will have the money and the political strength we need to change the systems that have been harming our communities for generations. WE ALL COUNT! Educate your community, educate your church, and sign on to join our ‘Census Sunday’ effort. Churches who participate in ‘Census Sunday’ will receive:

  1. Helpful resources and educational tool kits
  2. Updates about advocacy opportunities
  3. Help determining what’s needed in your community (e.g., educational meetings,

  technical assistance to complete the online Census, translated documents,


As a ‘Census Sunday’ church, we are asking you to share a message centered on Census participation on the second Sunday of each month. We also encourage churches to host Census informational events. Access our Power Coalition One-Pager, share it with your congregation, and include it in your message.

To sign your church up for Census Sunday, or get more information about this initiative, please contact Janea Jamison at (504) 766-9289 or jjamison@powercoalition.org.

The Power Coalition for Equity and Justice works to build voice and power in traditionally ignored communities. We are a coalition of groups from across Louisiana whose mission is to organize in impacted communities, educate and turn out voters, and fight for policies that create a more equitable and just system in Louisiana.

What: The Power Coalition for Equity and Justice is seeking partnerships with faith leaders to help us drive a ‘Census Sunday’ initiative.

When: Second Sunday of every month. 

Who: Power Coalition for Equity and Justice (PCEJ)