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Letter of Interest Instructions

Established in 2015, The Power Coalition for Equity and Justice is a 501c3 civic engagement table for the state of Louisiana. She Leads is a program of the Power Coalition. 

Research shows that intentional investment in leadership by women of color yields so many returns. Black women and women of color are on the front lines of the fight for a more just and equitable system. Our programs centers women and femme-identified people of color in policy, organizing, and advocacy.

Investing in women and women-led activism has the potential to change the trajectory for children in low-income communities across the nation. The Power Coalition for Equity and Justice supports community-based work and grassroots leadership development through several avenues, all of which provides people with the tools to address classism, racism, and marginalization in their own lives and communities. Too often, their voices are ignored in the traditional, top-down structures of power.

Through the She Leads Community Fellowship Program, we are looking to support dynamic community leaders who make a difference in their communities, but don’t yet have the resources to enhance their leadership and work.

How to Apply

To apply, submit a Letter of Interest (LOI) by June 21st at 11:59 pm.

In addition to answering the LOI questions, you may also submit materials that would help us learn more about you and your work, such as a resume, flyer, or bio. 

You will be asked to provide basic contact information to register with our system. Once you complete registration, you will then be asked to answer 5 questions that are a part of the LOI. The answers to your questions should be brief, but you may include any information to help us understand you and your work. 

The questions in the LOI are focused on the following: 

  • Getting to know you, your community, and work.
  • Why you believe this work is necessary now.
  • What would your community look like if the challenge you are working on was solved?
  • Are there others in your community involved with you in this work?
  • What do you need the most to be successful in your work as a community leader?

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