Power Coalition and SCSJ Train 3 Redistricting Fellows


Power Coalition and SCSJ Train 3 Redistricting Fellows 

Power Coalition and Southern Coalition for Social Justice train three redistricting fellows with the goal of engaging and educating communities around Louisiana about equitable redistricting. 

New Orleans, LA– As the nation gears up for political redistricting, Power Coalition for Equity and Justice, in partnership with the Southern Coalition for Social Justice, is excited to host 3 Redistricting Fellows in Louisiana. These fellows will work across the state to educate communities, institutions, and legislators on the principles of political redistricting. 

Political Redistricting happens every 10 years after the census and is an opportunity to draw new political district boundaries based on population changes. The goal of redistricting is to create equitable and competitive political districts so that people can be represented by legislators who will advocate on behalf of the community’s best interests. 

Political gerrymandering is when areas draw political districts that favor a race, political party, or other interest groups. This leads to concentrated power in some communities and diluted power in others. 

Historically, redistricting has not been well understood by the population at large and communities have had little say in the way their communities are mapped or represented. In an effort to shift this narrative and put the power back into the community, Power Coalition and SCSJ are training 3 Redistricting Fellows across Louisiana to work in close collaboration with community leaders and community members to hold elected officials accountable when they draw new political district maps. 

Lisa Tomkies, a communications specialist in Shreveport, will serve as the northern Louisiana Redistricting Fellow. Carlos Pollard Jr., a recent graduate of Dillard University will be the New Orleans area Redistricting Fellow. Carlton Jones, who is heavily involved in the Southern University alumni network, will be focusing on Baton Rouge area redistricting. All 3 fellows are very connected to their communities and dedicated to ensuring equity and justice in the redistricting process. 

If you or an affiliated organization are interested in connecting with Redistricting Fellows for training, learning more about the process, or to gain insight on how to become more involved, please contact: info@powercoalition.org.

Contact Information:

Janea Jamison, Director of Programs for Power Coalition, jjamison@powercoalition.org

(985) 513-1674