HB 261

During each election, there is a prohibition of certain activities within 600 feet of each polling location. Candidates can not do direct outreach and there are rules in place for the safety and protection of people wishing to cast their vote. Election commissioners, law enforcement officers, registrars, or deputy registrars may ask people who are violating these rules to leave the area.

Protecting the integrity of polling locations is critical to ensuring fair and free elections, but these laws have also been used to target non-partisan groups who are there to help. In recent years, advocacy groups have passed out non-partisan information at polling sites, and during long lines to cast votes have distributed water or food to people waiting to cast their votes. 

This proposed legislation would ensure that no person or entity would be prohibited from engaging in activities within 600 feet of a polling location that are not otherwise prohibited by law. This would allow non partisan advocacy groups, faith organizations, and other individuals to continue to provide resources for voters during elections.