Community Leaders To Hold a Press Conference To Address Concern Around EBR School Budget


For Immediate Release: June 2, 2022

Baton Rouge, LA– June 2, 2022, About a dozen or more educators, lawmakers, and activists will meet at the East Baton Rouge (EBR) Parish School Board Office (1050 S Foster Drive) at 4:30 p.m. to hold a press conference before the EBR School Board Meeting at 5 p.m. where the school board will discuss the budget as it relates to teacher cuts and the Comprehensive Staffing Model. People from the community of East Baton Rouge parish have been calling on the local school board to address and rectify the chaos caused by the implementation of the Comprehensive Staffing Model. The school board will also discuss the Pathways to Bright Futures program which will start in Fall 2022. Community members also intend to use this as an opportunity to address this major decision that comes with dire consequences should parents not opt their child out of the mandate. 

What: Press Conference

Who: Kaitlyn Joshua,  Storm Matthews,  Tresa Augustine, Vice President Dawn Collins, Pastor Errol Domingue, Kirk Green and Jamie Robinson 

Where: East Baton Rouge (EBR) Parish School Board Office (1050 S Foster Drive Baton Rouge, LA 70806) 

When: Tuesday, June 2, 2022 at 4:30  p.m. (CST)

Media Contact:

Kaitlyn Joshua, Faith-Based Organizer

Phone: (225) 454-8321