Anthony Levine, Sr. Highlights Power Coalition for My Cause My Cleats


Anthony Levine, Sr. Highlights Power Coalition for My Cause My Cleats


Anthony Levine, Sr., native of Abbeville, Louisiana, two time Super Bowl Champion, and current linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens will highlight Power Coalition as his cause for the National Football League’s annual My Cause My Cleats initiative. My Cause My Cleats enable players to shine a light on their passions beyond the game. Mr. Levine is dedicated to having an impact on his community. On Sunday, December 16, 2018, against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, he has chosen the causes of learning disabilities and voting.

Anthony Levine’s cleats from the My Cause My Cleats NFL initiative.

Regarding this selection, he explained, “As a Louisiana native who struggled most of my life with a learning disability, it became clear to me as a veteran in the NFL that I needed to use my story about my personal struggle to empower kids who are dealing with the same learning disabilities that I dealt with. There are two ways to help fight stigma and support proper growth and development of students. One is by sharing my story to show them they aren’t alone. Two is by partnering with the Power Coalition for Equity and Justice to educate voters on the issues that impact these same kids who are just like me, and push them to the polls to use their voice to vote for policies and people that can help us combat the stigma and shame.”

We are extremely proud to have Anthony Levine extend his platform to shine a light on our service to Louisiana and it’s residents.  Tune in for the game on the Fox Network, Sunday, December 16 at noon CST.