PSC Candidate Survey 2022 FORM

PSC Candidate Survey Fall 2022

PSC Candidate Survey Fall 2022

District 3, 4


The average American household spends an average of 3% of their income on home energy costs. In 2021 over 149,000 households in Louisiana spent 23% of their income on their home energy costs. Many in the state have expressed high and unreasonable utility rates, particularly when looking at electricity. The job of the Public Service Commissioner is to ensure customers receive reliable utility service at rates that are reasonable and equitable. Do you feel enough is being done right now to address concerns of the people?
The PSC controls and sets the cost of prison phone calls. People with an incarcerated loved one are deprived of seeing them in person, and also face steep fees. With a total incarcerated population number of 62,534 people, and Louisiana being a leader in the nation for rates of incarceration, many families are impacted by the cost of prison call rates. Do you support lowering or eliminating prison call costs so incarcerated people will no longer be barred from communicating with their loved ones?
Do you support using public funds to defray energy costs to low-income residents and families?
Have you or do you plan to accept campaign contributions from any of the utilities and motor carriers the LPSC regulates?
Due to decisions made by the LPSC over the last decade our state leans heavily on methane gas for power generation. Over the past four years alone, the LPSC approved four new gas-fired power plants which means over 71% of Louisiana’s electricity is generated with methane gas. Ultimately causing the costs of electricity to soar as the increase of gas prices increase. Existing integrated utility incentives have driven this build out of new gas power plants, but the PSC has the authority to explore new ways to bring low-cost power onto the grid. Do you support looking at new ways to lower costs for constituents?
Due to the impacts of climate change, our state faces persistent, dangerous and extreme heat in the summer. This summer, the PSC could require utility companies to continue to provide power to customers and put a moratorium on disconnections as electricity is imperative during these times but Louisiana ranks among some of the very worst energy burdens in the country, due to the intersection of high energy bills and high poverty rates. Would you use your authority to take steps in the short term to provide a moratorium to provide relief for customers?

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