Congressional Candidate Survey 2022 FORM

Congressional Candidate Survey Fall 2022

Congressional Candidate Survey Fall 2022

US Senate, U.S. Rep. Districts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Criminal Justice

Do you believe the nation should reduce crime by shifting funding from police and incarceration to increased investment in education, mental healthcare, infrastructure, equitable economic opportunity, and similar systems and programs?
Do you support abolition of the death penalty?
Do you support decriminalizing sex work on a federal level?
Do you consider the federal 50-year War on Drugs to be a success or failure? And why?
Considering the high percentage of students who have a parent impacted by the criminal legal system, do you believe schools should address this traumatic reality for children?
Do you think youth who commit crimes should be treated as adults?
Do you believe we should ensure schools are being held accountable to the community in their implementation of alternatives to suspension such as PBIS and restorative justice practice?

Public Health

Do you believe every woman should have access to the full range of reproductive health care services, including access to safe and legal abortion. Will you support a woman’s right to safe, legal abortion?
Do you support Medicare for All?
Do you support restricting access to firearms by requiring universal background checks?


Do you believe formerly incarcerated people, regardless of their parole or probation status, should be allowed to vote?
Will you support the expansion of voting rights and commit to restoring the full protections of the Voting Rights Act?
Do you support The For the People Act?
Do you support the passage of the John Lewis Voting Rights Act to restore and strengthen the Voting Rights act of 1965?


Do you favor raising the federal minimum wage?
Across Louisiana, there is a shortage of rental homes affordable and available to extremely low income households (ELI), whose incomes are at or below the poverty guideline or 30% of their area median income (AMI). Many of these households are severely cost burdened, spending more than half of their income on housing. Severely cost burdened poor households are more likely than other renters to sacrifice other necessities like healthy food and healthcare to pay the rent, and to experience unstable housing situations like evictions, creating a housing crisis. Is addressing this potential crisis a top priority for you?
Do you believe child labor requirements should be relaxed in order to allow minors to work up to eight hours before receiving a recreation or meal break (they are currently required for minors at least once every five hours)?
Do you believe there should be work-reporting requirements for Medicaid recipients?
Do you support federal paid family and medical leave policies that will allow workers the ability to take paid family and medical time off to care for ill family members or new born children and still receive needed pay to support the family?
Do you support expanding the federal Child Tax Credit, making it fully refundable and paying it in monthly installments, as happened in 2021 before it was allowed to expire?


Do you believe the Department of Education and schools should be allowed to anonymously survey students on health risk behaviors such as alcohol/drug use; sexual risk behaviors; and tobacco use?
Do you believe that the Federal Government has a role to play in improving early childhood experiences by supporting mental health services from prenatal to age 8?
Are you aware of the ACE Study and do you support implementation of Federal policies and funding to states to reduce adverse childhood events?
Do you support systemic change of making college more affordable and short-term approval of student loan relief to cancel or discharge loan debt for borrowers who completed a degree program?

Environmental Justice

Do you support a Green New Deal?
Do you support federal investment in renewable energy?
Do you support a moratorium on petrochemical buildout and expansion in Louisiana’s industrial corridor?
Louisiana is one of the most vulnerable states facing impacts to climate change. The state is facing intense hurricanes and rising seas. State lawmakers are in a powerful position to address environmental impacts. Will you work to support more funding toward mutual aid groups that can help support on the ground recovery efforts?


Do you support comprehensive immigration reform that offers a path to citizenship for the undocumented who live in the US?
Will you commit to reducing ICE’s budget and the number of ICE detention facilities in Louisiana?

Congressional Duties

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